Organizing Services

Reclamation tackles everything from getting your home and calendar in order to organizing your small business or upcoming project. We create custom solutions that work specifically for you and teach you valuable organization skills to ensure you stay organized long after our time together. If disorganization is having a negative effect on your life, contact Reclamation to find out how you can reclaim your space and time.


Home Organization

Life often gets in the way of having an organized home. But, being organized makes living more convenient and stress-free. Reclamation can give you the organized home you've been dreaming of and the peace of mind that goes along with it. Whether it's one room or the whole house, we're here to help.

Time Management

Time mismanaged is unorganized time. If you feel like tasks are slipping through the cracks or like time is getting away from you, Reclamation can help. We work one on one with clients to create custom timelines and scheduling systems that are easy to maintain, so that you can start enjoying your time again.

Business Organization

If you're missing deadlines, forgetting tasks or you just can't find the right files when you need them, Reclamation can help. We design custom systems, specifically for you and your business. We have also helped dozens of struggling businesses get back on track by identifying inefficiencies and increasing productivity. 

Project Management

Having trouble organizing a big project? Reclamation can help you come up with a plan of attack and a timeline so you can move forward and achieve your goals.



Moving is a great time to get your life organized. Reclamation will help you decide what goes and what stays as we pack up the home. We'll stage your home for you to help you get the best return on your property. Then, we'll work to find the most convenient places for all of your favorite things in your new home, giving you a fresh start that's easy to maintain. Ask about our moving packages!


Whether you're moving to a smaller space, getting ready for a new baby or preparing for an empty nest, Reclamation will help guide you through the tough decision-making process of what to keep and what to let go. We also assist in the disposing, donating and selling of items you no longer need, and organize items you want to keep within the space you have.