7 Ways to Reenergize for Spring

Spring is in the air! Out with the short, cold days and lazy weekends at home and in with long, sun-filled days of festivals and outdoor activities. Here are 7 ways to reenergize your body, mind and space for the sunny season.

1. Set aside a Saturday to play in the garden. The key is to look at this as an opportunity to have fun and make some memories with your family or friends. Hit up your local garden shop, grab an expert and ask for recommendations. Bring your favorite tunes outside and spend the day beautifying your yard all while getting an unexpected workout. Then sit back with a celebratory beverage and watch your garden (hopefully) grow! The other option is to reconnect with your landscaper and then enjoy the fruits of their labor - whatever makes you happy! #reclaimyouryard

I can't believe these tomatoes grew like they did. All we did was stick the plant in the ground and we got dozens of great tomatoes!

I can't believe these tomatoes grew like they did. All we did was stick the plant in the ground and we got dozens of great tomatoes!


2. Declutter a space. Whether it's a basement or a bookshelf, commit to a decluttering project. Getting rid of the old is essential to creating a fresh start for Spring. The hardest part is getting started. Don't think about it, just dive in early, stay focused and my guess is you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you complete the project. A decluttered space can have a major impact on your mind. You're likely to feel lighter, happier, less stressed and even sleep better! #reclaimyourspace

Kitchen Cabinet Before & After

Kitchen Cabinet Before & After


3. Dry clean your coats and sweaters and get your boots repaired. It's always a good idea to do this before storing them so that they are ready to go when you unpack them in the Fall. 

4. Toss or donate any Winter clothes you didn't wear during the season. If you didn't wear it this season - you probably won't wear it next season. There's no reason to hang on to something that's only taking up precious space in your closet. #reclaimyourcloset

5. Commit to an activity. Now that the sun is out there's no excuse not to be active. Find an activity you love to do and commit to doing it once a week (or more!). Whether it's a long walk, favorite sport, gardening, hoola-hooping, swimming, etc. just do it. Get out there and soak up that sunshine. Vitamin D helps fight disease, depression and boosts weight loss. #reclaimyourbody


6. Refresh your pillows. I tend to accumulate dark colored winter throws and pillows. By simply replacing your current pillow covers with lighter, brighter, Spring covers you can transform your space without spending a ton of money. Summer inventory is going into the stores now which means you can probably find some great deals on Spring designs that will look great through the next few seasons.

7. Create your File Folders for the year (if you haven't already). We're all going through tax season and it is clearer now then ever what we should have saved for our accountant. Take note of what they need and what you want to keep track of personally and create a filing system that will help you stay on top of the paper clutter all year round. Tab examples: Property Tax, Work Receipts, Home Repair Receipts, Medical Receipts, Cars, etc.  ***Bonus Tip - I like to keep my accordion file in the dining room where the paper usually lands. Instead of paper cluttering my table, it goes directly into the file, trash or my to do folder.

If you want more tips or someone to help you reclaim your space and time call Reclamation. Happy Spring!

Teresa Palaia