Organized Wrapping

Whether you enjoy wrapping gifts or not, it’s a necessity for most people during the holidays, and keeping your wrapping materials organized and easily accessible can help cut back on the chaos that many of us struggle with this time of year. Depending on the amount of space you have in your home, you can create anything from a simple gift-wrapping kit to a mobile cart that can handily hold and store your wrapping items throughout the year.

  • Wrapping paper rolls can easily get of control and before you know it the paper is ripped, wrinkled and unusable. An Ikea Bag Dispenser (found here) is an inexpensive and fun way to organize your wrapping paper. If you mount it to the wall it keeps your floor space clear and helps protect the paper from getting damaged. A paper towel holder can easily organize your ribbon and twine when not in use, and keeps it from getting tangled while you’re wrapping. No need to go crazy buying a million different styles of wrapping paper. 2 or 3 different options that match each other should be plenty, and will also look great under the tree.

  • Consider repurposing a hanging file to store your gift bags in. Another great options is to use shelf dividers to file your bags by category.

  • Transform a cleaning supply caddy into a mobile wrapping station. Think scissors, tape, tags, markers, ribbon and cards. Whether you feel like wrapping in the dining room, in front of the tv or in your bedroom the mobile caddy will keep you from running around the house searching for supplies

  • If you're an avid wrapper all year round consider creating a more permanent space in your home. A wall in an office, craft room or mudroom can easily be transformed into a wrapping haven that will make wrapping a joy. Contact Reclamation if you're interested in creating you're own wrap room.