5 Tricks for Keeping Your Treats Organized this Halloween

As the official kickoff to the holidays, Halloween marks the beginning of heavy decorating season, with skeletons, jack o’lanterns and ghosts mingling with your seasonal and year-round décor. Unfortunately, Halloween decorations can quickly add up and take over your home and storage space, which is where your organization expertise will come in handy. Use these five helpful tricks for wrangling your Halloween décor during the holidays, and keeping it out of sight for the rest of the year:

1. In the days leading up to Halloween, gather your decorations in one spot so you can see what you have. You may be surprised by how much you’ve collected over the years!

2. Move the decorations you don’t plan to use into a separate cardboard box and decorate using only the items that are definite keepers. If you end up not using something, add it to the cardboard box.

3. Enjoy a less cluttered Halloween! When it’s time to take down the decorations, store them all in waterproof plastic tubs with labels, discarding any items that are damaged or that you know you won’t use again.

4. After packing up your decorations, take a second look at the items in the cardboard box. Do they seem like they are worth saving, or would they be put to better use by another family or organization if you were to donate them?

5. Once you’ve finalized your donation box, immediately put the box in your car so you can drop it off at a donation collection site the next time you’re out.