Reclaim Your Bathroom

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It’s where our days begin and end. Between the shower essentials, cavity fighting defense team, my husband’s shaving ritual and my salon worthy collection of hair and makeup products our bathroom takes a daily beating. For me, it’s important to start and end each day in a pleasant and relaxing environment. If I woke up and walked into a hot mess of a bathroom every morning I’d probably be a hot mess of a person to be around. That being said, I don’t want to clean my bathroom everyday. Thankfully, I have figured out a few tricks to help keep my bathroom looking fresh (most) all of the time.

How to Start: First thing is first. You need to clear out the clutter before you can organize the essentials. Set aside an hour to go through all of the products you have. I follow a few general rules when I go through my bathroom; If I haven’t used it in six months it’s gotta go, If I can’t remember when I bought it - it probably has to go. Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need it’s time to sort and arrange the products you are keeping.

Sorting It Out

Sorting It Out

Maintaining the space: I love clear countertops. Something about the wide open space delights me. That’s tough to maintain in the bathroom - mostly because we’re always in a hurry in the morning. There just doesn’t seem to be extra time to put everything back in it’s place before rushing out the door. For this reason I work in zones. Nothing has to get back to an exact, precise spot in the bathroom - it just needs to make it to a general area. The important part of this process is to create zones that make sense to you. After you’ve discarded the products you don’t need and it’s time to sort what’s left - go with your instincts when creating categories (or zones).

My makeup gets pushed from the countertop into the top drawer. Everything else I use on a daily basis gets dropped into a bin in another drawer. It takes all of 2 seconds and keeps my counter top clean. Another trick is to stand all of the products in the bin up right. This allows you to see everything you have - as opposed to if they were all laying down and piled on top of each other. That’s a great way to lose track of what you have and overbuy - leading you right back to the land of clutter.

My make-up drawer. It's not perfect but it's functional, easy to maintain and keeps my countertop clean.

My make-up drawer. It's not perfect but it's functional, easy to maintain and keeps my countertop clean.

Tips: Avoid opening too many of one thing at once. I hate running out of my products. There’s nothing worse then waking up and realizing I’m out of deodorant or (gasp) my argan hair oil, so occasionally I’ll buy two at a time or buy something new before my old actually runs out. I have a rule that I can’t take the new out of it’s package until the old has run out and is thrown away. This ensures I don’t end up with five open mascaras floating around. Makeup can go bad so it’s important to know how old it is. It also keeps your bathroom drawers from filling up with products you don’t use.

My weakness for the longest time was overbuying my shampoo and conditioner. For some reason I felt like I had to buy my favorite brand whenever I saw it on sale. One day I counted 7 sets of my favorite S/C … 7! They were scattered all about so I didn’t even realize how many I had. It was time to reclaim my self control and stop being a slave to the sale sign. One way I keep my overbuying at bay is to keep a bin of back-ups so they’re all in one place. Before I go to the store I peak in the bin to make sure I don’t buy something I already have. I allow myself one backup of each item. Any more then that is really unnecessary and just takes up precious space in my bathroom.


This works for me and my bathroom but there are many other ways to organize. Everyone thinks differently and lives differently which why Reclamation creates custom organizational plans and solutions for our clients. Give Reclamation a call or send us a message to start your Reclamation Project!


Teresa Palaia