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Here at Reclamation, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific challenges and goals. We teach our clients the skills necessary to reclaim control of their space and time so that they not only get organized, but stay organized.  We come up with creative organization solutions that are easy to maintain because they are customized for each individual's lifestyle. Our goal is for everyone we work with to feel the weight of disorganization lifted off of their shoulders and to be instilled with confidence and knowledge so that they can live a more productive and stress free life.


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We moved into this house four and a half years ago, and my office was a functional space for about three months. Then the clutter started—unfinished projects, papers tossed in piles around the room, and very overdue library books started to take the place of more productive things. Teresa helped turn this around in time for a move to a new home. With her systematic and empathetic approach to reclaiming my space and stuff, I was able to sort through piles of work and memories that had been stressing me out for years. We worked together to put a new system in place that will transfer to the office in my new home. She was patient, intelligent, and fun to work with, and it felt like having a friend in the room to laugh with and keep me on track. I have reclaimed my office thanks to Teresa, and look forward to using the systems she helped me understand to reclaim other cluttered spaces in my home!
— Elizabeth

Teresa is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting organized. During our consultation, we broke down all the small steps I needed to take in order to schedule an expensive documentary film shoot. Her approach is focused and goal oriented yet her easy going demeanor keeps you feeling passionate and motivated as you accomplish things as a team. I avoided becoming overwhelmed as she efficiently broke down my massive to do list into milestone goals. And the kicker is, I also asked for a bit extra. Teresa agreed to be an accountability buddy of sorts. She followed up with me about my goals to see if I was taking them in stride and continuing the work after our consultation. This final push kept me motivated and charged to complete my goals and make the most of our time together. Teresa is your lady if you want to get things done!
— Layla

I am a mother of three working full time and about three years ago I began to work from home. I live in a house built in 1921 therefore; I have no storage and very minimal closet space. I use an extra bedroom as my office however; slowly over time it became packed full of things. I slowly began to use other space in the house to actually work. I met Teresa and she spent a full day with me and we de-cluttered, organized and trashed items. Teresa was so helpful an as she thought things thru she created systems that really work for my office. It has been about 3weeks since we have finished and I am able to work in the office, do video conferences in the office and not worry about what people are seeing in the background. The filing system she created has been extremely useful! I could not be happier with the work she has done! I would highly recommend her for any area in your home where you feel cluttered or disorganized. She is the absolute best at what she does!
— Erin


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About Me

My Name Is Teresa

As the youngest of 6 children, I grew up in a very fun and loving household. There was rarely a dull moment. As you can probably guess from a family of 8 -- our home was far from organized. Through the midst of the chaos I always found a way to create calm and order. My passion for all things organized and my need to be creative led to a successful career as a television producer. It is a hectic lifestyle traveling the country and managing television shoots. Thanks to exceptional organization this chaotic life is an exciting, and enjoyable one.

Thirteen years of living in tiny New York City apartments gave me a strong appreciation for space and design. Instead of being frustrated by the lack of area I was inspired to utilize every inch that I had to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Now, I take pride in helping others reclaim their space and fall back in love with their homes. I see how disorganization can cause frustration and negativity. Life should be enjoyed, which is why I love helping my clients live more efficient and stress-free lives.

I'm a proud member of the National Association of Profession Organizers, and am constantly furthering my education in organization and design so that I can best serve my clients. I love a challenge and am eager to hear about your Reclamation Project!